Five Reasons a “Human” Auto Insurance Agent is So Valuable

Five Reasons a “Human” Auto Insurance Agent is So Valuable

Five Reasons a “Human” Auto Insurance Agent is So Valuable

We’ve gotten so comfortable and so used to making digital purchases in our lives, many hardly give it a thought anymore. People rent apartments without ever walking inside, others purchase cars and have them delivered without a test drive, and still others will spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring, all online. It has gotten so prevalent, most of us don’t give the “service fees” we are being charged for having a computer fill our order a second thought!

Making purchases online can be convenient and fast. But it also can have its downside, especially when it comes to auto insurance. Now, quite frankly, if you are just shopping for basic auto insurance, have a perfect driving record and good credit rating and your vehicle is pretty standard, shopping online may be fine. But here are five reasons why a “human” auto insurance purchase can be valuable.

  1. They Can Help Explain Valuable Options

A real person can better help explain the benefits of a rent-a-car benefit or uninsured motorist coverage. They can show how a small increase in premium may increase policy limits significantly. A checkbox on a screen can’t do that very well.

  1. They May Help You Find Discounts
    Many companies offer a variety of discounts that may help save you on your car insurance premiums. These can range from good student discounts and safe driver discounts to safety and security feature savings and discounts. You may even qualify to save when bundling insurance. A real life insurance agent is more likely to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  2. They Can Be Especially Valuable Helping High Risk Drivers

If you’ve experienced multiple moving violations or have been involved in an at-fault accident, your payments can sky-rocket. You may even be considered a “high risk driver”, placing you in an expensive club. Talking to an auto insurance agent, especially an independent one, can help you explore more options in finding more affordable rates.

  1. You Drive a High Performance or Vintage Car

If you drive a specialty or high value car, talking directly to an auto insurance expert can provide multiple benefits. They can help make sure your car is appropriately and sufficiently covered. Independent auto insurance agents can seek out companies who specialize in this type of insurance getting you full value for your insurance dollar.

  1. When You Need Assistance with a Claim

An independent insurance agent serves as your liaison with the insurance company before, during and after your insurance purchase. That means they are there to answer your questions and help facilitate a smoother claim process.

We invite you to experience why working with a real insurance professional can be so beneficial. Contact one of our auto insurance specialist for your personalized rate quote today.

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