Getting the Most Out of Your Garage

Getting the Most Out of Your Garage

Getting the Most Out of Your Garage

Garages are a place for workbenches and tools, We keep our lawn equipment and grills in them. We store ladders and lawn furniture there and some have turned them into fitness centers and man caves. Garages have regional purposes as well. In the north they store snow shovels, snow blowers and snow mobiles. In the far southeast, where basements are rare, they simply serve as storage for everything. There are rumors that in rare cases, some actually park their cars in them.

Here’s a few ideas to get more out of your garage space.

Use Old Kitchen Cabinets to Increase Storage

Old kitchen cabinetry can easily be painted and hung on the back wall of a garage to create plenty of neat storage. Lower cabinets and countertops make terrific work benches and even laundry folding areas.

Insulate the Door

If your garage is either too cold or too hot for most of the year, you can insulate the inside of the garage door panels to keep temperatures more moderate. There are specialty insulation products for the interiors of garage doors, or you can cut sheets of foam insulation to fit each panel. This can be particularly valuable if you have an extra refrigerator operating in your garage to keep it from working so hard in the summer.

Add a Stereo

When you add an old stereo system to your garage, even with modest speakers, you can turn your garage into one large speaker. This can be useful when washing your car in the driveway, grilling out, entertaining or even when doing yard work. Be careful with the volume however, as your garage can serve as a giant boom box with the garage door open.

Look Into Shelving that Hangs from the Ceiling

One of the most underused spaces in your garage are just below ceiling level. Look into shelving that mounts to and hangs from the ceiling. Make sure these products are installed properly using crossbeams to mount the shelving. Simple hooks can also be used to hang bikes and ladders from the ceiling for storage.

Some people upgrade their garage space with brighter, more contemporary lighting, refinish floors with an epoxy coating or add a washtub or sink. Your garage can be more than just a storage area. You may even find room for a car.

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